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Furneys Calf and Lamb Meal 20kg is a high protein, high energy, balanced milk replacer used for calves & lambs from two days old onwards. Furneys Calf and Lamb Meal is best used after colostrum intake (imperative) progressively, getting calves and lambs sniffing and tasting whilst bottle feeding. This product contains powdered full fat milk, it’s a total mixed ration complete with essential vitamins and minerals.

Feeding Guide:
Furneys Calf and Lamb Meal 20kg should be introduced slowly to calves after colostrum intake; from two days old onwards. Provide a small amount whilst still feeding on milk. Provide Furneys Calf and Lamb Mash many times a day, increasing the meal an at the same time reducing the calves milk intake. Once the calf is fully on this blend, slowly move onto a pellet. Bring in excellent quality hay with Furneys Baby Calf Pellets (21%) then start feeding Furneys Calf Rearer Pellets (18%)

For more nutritional information please call Furneys (02) 6841 3800.

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